I realize now that the seeker and the guide are two sides of our human experience. The seekers are the teachers, guides and healers and we interchange these roles dependent on the moments of our lives. One minute I’m the seeker and the next I’m the guide….

Calling all yoga instructors, students of yoga, students of meditation, students of life and anyone on a spiritual path. Return and Restore is a therapeutic program that offers mentorship, consultation and support specifically focused on your needs.

Yoga and meditation practices are sneaky. What begins as a physical or mental practice often becomes so much more. This is because every moment of our lives is experienced in our bodies. Unwanted emotions are stored and welcomed emotions pass through. Unprocessed traumas and unconscious patterns can be awakened with changing breath patterns, the physical practice of asana or state experiences that arise as a result of spiritual practice. Just like you can rid yourself of elemental toxins in the body, you can also release aspects of your past that get stored in your physical and emotional bodies. This is no longer hippie-dippie woo woo stuff. Physicians, Yogis and Neurobiologists have been doing research for years on the subject and Somatic practitioners provide us with endless resources.

What gets stored in our emotional and physical bodies?

The stuff we “stuff!” When you avoid feelings and experiences in the present moment, this old emotional residue impacts both your physical and emotional wellbeing. These unprocessed moments shape your perspective and influence your ability to be present, to see and experience things and people for who and what they are in the present moment.

Sometimes you need to come apart to examine aspects of yourself and create yourself anew. This process provides an opportunity for great transformation.

Support groups, psycho-education and consultation for yoga teachers, yoga students, yoga therapists or anyone wanting to learn more about the subject. Here is some of what we’ll do together~

  • Gain a greater understanding of how the practice of yoga impacts mind, body and spirit.
  • Discover how yoga and meditation impact your nervous system and how your nervous system contributes to the environment you create for your students.
  • Learn how to create an environment for both yourself and others that is emotionally safe, supports greater vulnerability and in turn promotes growth.
  • Learn how to recognize the early signs of emotional disregulation in yourself and others.
  • Develop the tools to help you navigate emotional waves and upsets as they arise for both teacher and student in class.  This knowledge helps instructors see these occurrences as necessary aspects of practice, that when supported result in greater personal transformation for all involved.
  • Explore the yoga sutras for modern living; discover how they help build a foundation for a sustainable yoga practice and provide access to greater happiness on and off your yoga mat.
  • Step more fully into who you are as a leader, teacher and guide.
  • Explore and integrate both the dark (psychological shadow) and the light (highest Self) aspects of yourself and spiritual practice. Learn about psychological shadow, the dark night of the soul and spiritual bypassing.
  • Create a relationship with your practice that allows you to unfold, discover, embrace and celebrate all parts of yourself.


  • One-on-one consultation and mentorship, available in person (Vail, Colorado) or via Skype
  • Support/Educational groups of 3 people, available in person (Vail, Colorado) or via Skype .

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