I help women find balance, purpose, more happiness and ease.

I offer support, guidance and an empathetic ear during moments of transition such as divorce, starting college or a new job, relocation, relationship difficulties and parenting.

I can help you to heal anxiety, depression, unresolved trauma, change unhealthy habits and learn to cope better with life’s stressors.

Online Therapy is the best way to get the support you need. I offer counseling and life coaching for Colorado residents.

-Your kids can be in the other room or napping

-You can get your self-care in during your lunch break

-You can get the support you need in the comfort of your own home

-Save time and money

Hello my name is Jocelyn. Six years ago I lost my brother tragically. That moment changed my life forever. What if I told you, that this loss helped me discover who I really am, brought me into a relationship with my heart and taught me how to create joy and meaning in my life. I want to share with you, how!

When we work together I bring over a decade of experience as a psychotherapist, 20 years of experience as a yoga and meditation instructor, the most effective tools and my lived experience.

We are feeling so many things this year that it’s difficult to identify how we really feel.

I will support you in moving from numb, stuck, overwhelmed and lost to finding the truth of how you feel and who you are. From there it becomes natural to create the life you really want and have relationships that nourish you! You flourish. Even when difficulties arise, you can rest in your true nature.

Therapy teaches the essential life skills of learning how to navigate your complex emotional landscape and the language of the body. Key ingredients for living a full-filled life.

It has been a difficult year. Are you asking yourself, what the hell is happening, as we navigate the wild unknown? We are experiencing life in a way we’ve never imagined. We’ve had to adapt to navigate and meet the circumstances of this “new normal.”

Are you adapting in ways that feel healthy, nurturing and are supporting your highest good? Or have you found yourself back in old patterns and behaviors for safety and security? Either way, take a deep breath and know we do the best we can, until we know it’s time to make a change.

Covid has brought instability, fear, loss, increased isolation, greater self-discovery and unexpected moments of joy. When life as you know it is interrupted there is a great opportunity for growth and for healing. Out of uncertainty all possibilities are available. When thrust into change unexpectedly, it is more important than ever to have a space to intentionally slow-down, get present, tune-in to you and make sure you are in alignment.

Let’s digest this really big year, together!

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