After spending over a decade working as a licensed psychotherapist and creating transformational body based programs for treatment centers, I have found that the only way to bring about lasting change and healing is to include the body in the therapeutic process.

Using body based practices in conjunction with psychotherapy is the most effective way to heal. Why?

Just like the body knows how to heal a broken leg or from surgery, which is miraculous if you slow down to remember, the body also knows how to heal our emotional wounds.

In our work together we will integrate meditation, moving meditation, breathing exercises, somatic psychotherapy, yoga and much more.


You are feeling stuck in some area of your life?

Often this is your body getting stuck in your nervous system’s freeze response. Talking will help you identify and gain greater awareness. Talking will not support you in moving through the sensation and discovering why your body froze to protect itself. Body based practices can take you right into the core.

You struggle with addiction?

Addiction is rooted in not feeling safe in your body, not being able to find peace or relief within. Using specific therapeutic movement helps to discharge the energy that is often associated with unresolved trauma and/or stress. Using specific tools, with guidance, can also allow you to discover how to build new sensations like- peace, calm, relief, serenity, etc.

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