"I have been seeing Jocelyn for over 3 years. Before we started working together I suffered from anxiety, insomnia and depression. With her help and through our work together, I have gained coping skills and confidence in myself. She offers honest feedback, weekly homework and holds me accountable for my growth. She acknowledges, honors and celebrates my successes. She empowers me by putting the power and strength in my hands. It is invaluable to have such a beautiful ray of light, love and wisdom to walk beside me on this healing journey. Before our work together I felt scared and alone. Jocelyn is a consistent presence in my life and this has taught me how to show up for myself. Our time together has been worth its weight in gold. I would not be the confident, strong, resilient and vibrant thriving individual that I am without her work. 'Work is love made visible' ~ Kahlil Gibran. Jocelyn embodies this. How blessed am I that she shares this with the world."

- Amy U. | Astrologer. Massage Therapist.   |   Vail, CO


"I am so thankful for the work I have done with Jocelyn. I have learned in therapy tools to ride the waves of life. Most importantly, I have learned to love and befriend all aspects of myself. This has created huge shifts in all aspects of my life, especially my relationship with my husband and friends. In learning to love myself completely, I am loving my life more completely. Therapy has also helped me step into the process of creating more meaningful work."

-Kelly R.   |   Baltimore, MD


"Working with Jocelyn has given me the courage to practice embracing all parts of myself with compassion and non-judgment. I am able to more fully trust in the perfection of life's unfolding and I can see my life shifting in ways I never imagined possible. Having the space weekly in therapy to be myself fully has strengthened my ability to be more authentic in my relationships. This space has been a place for me to practice listening and trusting myself, which has allowed me to take tangible steps in creating a life that aligns with my highest purpose."

- Mary G. | Reiki Master. Yoga Teacher.  | 
Vail, CO


I have been seeing Jocelyn for three years. I could not be more grateful for the support she has given me during this time. I only now feel that I am now truly experiencing my life. I have learned to love myself for exactly who I am, even the messy, scary parts of me. Jocelyn has helped me with alcohol dependency, covering up feelings with food, and has supported me as I uprooted my life to move from Colorado to Minnesota. Jocelyn doesn't sugar-coat things or try to be a "perfect therapist," she is real, raw, and doesn't let you hide. She is intuitive even when I'm 1,000 miles away on the phone or skype. Despite the distance she can sense when I need to say something but I am holding back and she is able to detect when I am holding my breath thus keeping myself from experiencing the present moment. I have found deep meaning in my life and my work, thanks to this beautiful soul.

- Tara M. | Teacher | Minnesota


"I started therapy because I was starting to feel depleted in many areas of my life. As a successful and busy musician I was struggling to carve out time for myself. In working with Jocelyn I quickly identified the patterns that I’ve been creating in my life for over a decade. My time with Jocelyn has been a consistent, safe space, where I have learned to create a deep and powerful relationship with myself. I’ve opened-up more fully and I have found as I result I am bolder and more courageous. Most importantly I have learned tools that have helped me be able to identify and ask for what I need in my relationships. I am so thankful I have this time for “me” weekly! Life changing! "
-Tiffany C. | Musician  |  Denver, CO


"Jocelyn has been a blessing and a source of stability in my world of chaos. I thought about seeking therapy for years, but once my husband was re-diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic melanoma, our world was completely rocked. I needed support more than ever. I knew after my first meeting with Jocelyn that she was the right therapist for me. She has always met me exactly where I am in my life. She really listens and effortlessly remembers everything I have brought to therapy. She offers empathy and constructive feedback while supporting me in finding solutions for my endless problems as a business owner, caregiver, athlete and average person seeking balance in life. I look forward to our time together, as I never know what will come up during therapy, but I know that it is powerful healing in every aspect of my life. I feel lucky to have found a therapist who just truly understands me."

- Tara P. | Owner Yetis Grind. Yoga Teacher   |  Eagle, CO


"Jocelyn has a very nice balance of gentleness and pragmatism that allows her to move deftly around sensitive topics. I like that about her. Jocelyn has beauty and grace. She's magnetic and bright. I feel safe around her that I can be myself, and the bonus is that I can be the best version of myself, because Jocelyn isn't afraid to remind me of what isn't me. How great is that? Everyone needs an friend like that."
-Joe V | Designer  |  Longmont, CO