Support for parents

Becoming a parent is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, transition of your life. I realized this in such a powerful way as I was making this transition myself.  What I found was there were few resources and little support for this major life event. Pregnancy and stepping into becoming a parent is a spiritual, psychological or transformative process. Mix this with sleep deprivation, hormones, your potential struggles to accept the uncertainty that accompanies this time, a deep desire to “be a good parent,” and you have a recipe for some of life’s most intense and insane moments. I am passionate about educating, nurturing and supporting others at this important juncture in their lives.

There are many reasons why clients choose to work with me.  Here are a few things we’ll focus on during our time together~

  • Learn how nurturing and caring for yourself is paramount in parenting
  • Implement self-care practices and discover how this creates a more sustainable place from which to give to your family
  • Explore and celebrate your new identity  
  • Discover how pregnancy is a transformative and transpersonal process
  • Identify what balance looks like for you and how to spend more time there
  • Learn concrete tools to navigate emotional ups and downs, hormonal changes and the feelings of overwhelm that can accompany this time
  • Learn ways to identify and communicate your needs more effectively
  • Create a “shame free” household

This recipe often leads to parenting from a place of love instead of parenting from fear.

Parents that work with me consistently report a decrease in feelings of isolation, find more joy in their days, an ability to let go of  “who they think they should be for others” and learn to find authenticity in their parenting and their lives. This leads to a greater sense of connection with their child-to-be, child, spouse, friends, family and most importantly, one’s self.


  • One-on-one sessions are available in person (Vail, Colorado) or via Skype.
  • Small groups are available in person (Vail, Colorado) or via Skype.

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